Who is Scanview Systems?

6 articles - 5 Danish SaaS companies with exponential growth, and a conclusive article, to gain insights into rising Danish SaaS companies. In this article we will be examining Scanview Systems.

Mathias Grundtvig
Mathias Grundtvig
Bilde av Scanview med Adaptik i bakgrunnen

Who is Scanview Systems?

Scanview Systems A/S is a subsidiary of Scanview A/S and deliver technical concept solutions with focus on license plate cameras, parking systems for public and private companies, and electronic information boards in parking areas. Since being established back in 2018, they have found themselves in a growth spurt, going from a gross profit of DKK1.448.502 in 2020 to DKK 4.592.414 in 2021, making it a 217% increase from the year before. To understand how Scanview Systems grew so exponentially, we sat down with their sales and project manager, Lars Jørgensen.

The good customer experience

Lars started out as a plane mechanic and moved into sales in the parking industry.He was part of the team that started OnePark in Denmark and was part of the team that made it the biggest parking company in Denmark. However, he got tired of how little the customer experience mattered, and how the ones that got the projects, were the ones with the cheapest solution. So, he quit the industry, only to find himself on the supplier side of said industry years later. The reason, he explained, was that the good customer experience finally mattered, and without decision-making power in the innovation process at his previous job,

“What intrigued me, was to be on the other side of the table in the industry. I think the industry is looking towards good sparring partners and owners want to provide a service for those that use their parking area.Equipment isn’t free, so revenue is important, but you can also have a good business by having people prefer to use your parking area because it’s a good experience.”

At Scanview Systems, several in management had prior experience from the parking industry, giving them a competitive advantage as they have a vast network, know what potential clients have been looking for in terms of solutions, and that combination has made their clients trust their capabilities.
Making those ideas into reality require a strong development team, and fortunately for Scanview Systems, they have their technical support, Brian, who makes their innovative solutions a reality.

“… we have an exceptional developer who helps us hold back a little. We have therefore been good at delivering on our projects before we start anything new. The timing has also been good, as we have been able to offer some solutions to clients that would have a higher cost in development, where the client has been happy to pay for such a solution, as it solves problems that had been left unsolved previously.”

Looking through Porter’s Competitive Scope, it’s clear that Scanview Systems are not concerned about being a cost leader, but rather concentrate on having a differentiation focus. However, what competitors are unable to imitate, is Scanview Systems’ prior experience and reputation that shows itself in clients’ trust in their capabilities. Thus, they are rewarded for their uniqueness through a successful premium price.

Moreover, using a differentiation strategy only works as long as the company can sustain their above-average performance and as mentioned, Scanview Systems are basing their innovations on automation of the customer journey. Therefore, with a strong development unit they can sustain their differentiation focus, furthering their competitive advantage on the market.

Risk/reward ratio at Scanview Systems

With management’s previous experience in the industry, they knew what they wanted implemented, and were willing to take risks to see their vision through. Therefore, they have continuously pushed new solutions forward:

There is no doubt that taking some chances has been important in order to develop within the market. If you get too comfortable you won’t stay ahead. We must remember that our competitors wake up every morning as well. They are good at what they do, and some are looking our way.”

At Scanview Systems, they have found a great fit between their differentiation strategy and a culture that rewards innovation and risks. What becomes important then, is how they plan to maintain that growth.

Goals this year to maintain growth

In order to stay on top, Lars explains that they need the right candidates for their backend. If anything was to hinder their growth going forward, it would be finding the right people on the market. They are aiming at expanding from 3 people to 7, within the next year. The flat organizational structure increases the importance of finding the right people, as technicians are heavily depended on during the strategy development.

Our goal is to find the right people and become the right team, in terms of size, so we can take the next step and develop our business even further." 

What’s next for Scanview Systems?    

With an order book that is filled 6 months into 2023, Scanview Systems are looking towards being at least as profitable as the year before. Sooner rather than later, Scanview Systems will be expanding their business into the rest of Scandinavia.
Here at Adaptik, we make sure that such expansions go as smoothly as possible and that the KPIs for the market expansion are reached. If you are in a similar position to Scanview Systems, we are happy to assist in your expansion plans, as we grow your business as partners with expertise knowledge on the market you’re entering.